Travel is filled with amazing people, beautiful places, unique sights, and fascinating sounds. But problems, mishaps, and hiccups can happen alongside planned events.

It’s important to have the right perspective about the unexpected!

One experience I had while traveling in Africa was getting pulled over by a local traffic police. And not just once, but three times. In one day! For the first stop, I knew I deserved it. But after that, it was clear they were only looking to extort a traveling visitor.

Looking back later, I was able to laugh about the encounters.

Traveling 7000 miles across a continent we encountered everything from good highways to pot-filled backroads to sand-covered dunes. And not only do those roads wreak havoc with tires and suspension, but motorcycles have problems on their own.

My first real mishap happened almost as soon as I landed in South Africa.

For me, part of traveling is being connected with the local people and experiencing the geography without a car or bus windshield separating us. And this comes with experiences that turn into memories and change in perspectives.

One memorable event that could have turned into a mishap happened when nature encountered machine. One early morning on Tanzania, I woke up to find that I had a visitor. He had come to peruse my BMW GSA.

I held my breath and wondered what would happen if he decided that he liked my motorcycle.

When I started this trip, I had dreamed of encountering nature up close and personal, but when it happened, it was more amazing and memorable than I could have ever imagined.

My journey through southern and eastern Africa was life-changing, made even more so by the unplanned encounters and events that come with motorcycle travel. Even now, I am planning another trip to experience a different part of this absolutely breathtaking continent.

Africa will forever be stamped on my heart.