The Border Wall between the United States and Mexico became intriguing to the whole world a few years ago because of what it represents; a physical barrier separating those looking for a better life from the land where they might possibly find one.

Most of the people giving their opinion about that physical barrier have never seen it with their own eyes. They have not put themselves in the metaphorical shoes of those people that leave everything they have ever known to undertake a perilous journey with no guarantee of success. They have not talked to the people living near the wall that are impacted regularly by the large barrier and the desperate trying to cross it.

I wanted to go and see for myself. I wanted to talk to real people and hear real stories of how this controversial structure has affected individuals.

I planned a trip to the Border Wall with a good friend, Sterling Noren. We brought our motorcycles and were able to ride a small portion of the newer section of the structure. We talked with residents on the U.S. side and learned first-hand how they are affected and what they think about the wall and the people crossing it.

“They’re just trying to get a better life. That’s all there is to it,”

As we were talking to the locals, I asked, “Should we have a border wall?” I wanted to hear directly from the people that were there, experiencing it daily. The overwhelming opinion was YES. We should.

Interestingly, most of those individuals expressed compassion for the desperate travelers. But they also believe that those trying to get into the U.S. need to do it legally. Too many adults and children are dying as they try and cross the border illegally, not from being shot by the border patrol, but because of the desert.

“We feel like they should stay and fight their government for a better country and life.”

One of the most impactful sights that I saw happened as we were standing along a section, imagining what it would be like to encounter the border wall. I saw something that caught my eye at the base of this massive structure. I walked over and picked it up.

This small object that I held in my hand reminded me of something that we all need to remember.

These are just regular people like you and me, looking for a better life.