I just got done traveling through Patagonia and falling in love with the area and people all over again. On my Instagram, I shared a photo of the backpack I carried on this trip. My caption stated: A dirty well worn backpack tells a story about being an adventurer. The journal on the inside of the pack tells the story of being an explorer.

An adventurer gets out of town/country and sees new things. They usually get their feet (and face and everything) dirty. 

But what happens if you can’t travel? We have all experienced this recently. But others have never been able to travel for whatever reason. Are they missing out on the best thing in life? I don’t believe so. They can still be an explorer. Explorers look for new things to learn, new people to meet, new things to know, and new experiences that can shape them and help them grow. We can do that wherever we are.

I challenge you.

If you can’t be an adventurer, at least be an explorer.


And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

― T.S. Eliot