Along the Way Episodes

1. Where’s Bill and What’s Along the Way?

In this first episode of Along the Way, meet Bill Whitacre, former corporation executive, and find out what he does now and why he does it.

2. Life Changing Expedition 65

Travel with Bill down the continent of South America on Expedition 65, meeting beautiful people along the way.

3. To Build a Border Wall or Not to Build a Border Wall

Join Bill as he learns about the Border Wall and meets the people most affected by this controversial structure.

4. The Top Three Reasons to Travel: #1 People, #2 People, #3 People

Hear Bill’s stories about the people he meets along the way and the perspectives that they bring to you.

5. The Land of Fire and Ice

Ride with Bill as he shows you the beautifully powerful Icelandic landscape!

6. An Unexpected Lesson

Bill’s short adventure in Costa Rica ended up being both a challenge and a blessing.

7. The People and Places of Patagonia

There is almost no better or more beautiful region in the world than Patagonia.

8. Know Justice Know Peace

As I traveled through Poland and Germany, I listened to an audiobook by Viktor E. Frankl. He talked about his experiences; the inhumane treatment by Nazi soldiers and how his fellow prisoners supported each other.

9. The Beauty of Europe and Its People

Journeying from Western Europe to Eastern Europe, I was struck by the remarkable beauty not only of the land but also of the people I encountered. Europe is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, but the warmth and hospitality of its inhabitants made my travels all the more enjoyable.

10. Africa: Land of Beauty

During the autumn of 2022, I had the privilege of embarking on a motorcycle journey from South Africa to Kenya. The stunning scenery, remarkable people, and unique geography left a lasting impression on me.

11. Africa: Change of Perspective Segment 1

One of my goals when traveling through Africa was trying to understand and gain a perspective that was beyond the western stereotype. I wanted to see and experience the culture as a learner, not with preconceived ideas, National Geographic expectations, or the idea that everything could be fixed with money.

12. Africa: Change of Perspective Segment 2

So many people I met and experiences I had, changed my perspective, challenged my preconceived ideas, and fueled my passion for seeing and understanding more of the world. And my perspective changed, not of just Africa and its people, but the world in general.

13. Africa: Change of Perspective Segment 3

Meeting the people of Africa was the most significant catalyst for my change in perspective. The faith, hope, and love I experienced helped me see Africa differently.

14. Africa: Traveling Mishaps

Travel is filled with amazing people, beautiful places, unique sights, and fascinating sounds. But problems, mishaps, and hiccups can happen alongside planned events.

15. Experiencing Egypt

Experiencing Egypt revealed the contrasting allure of its ancient history and the vibrant resilience of the Zabbaleen people, leaving me with a deeper appreciation for both.

16. The Silk Road

A while back I got really interested in Silk Road and started wondering, “How can I experience this legendary route to the fullest?” That curiosity turned into an amazing trip.

17. Mongolia and the Wrecking Crewe

I had an unbelievable time experiencing Mongolia a few years ago. It was so many things: beautiful, stark, hot, challenging, amazing, tough, wonderful, hot, and hot!


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