Episode 7

The People And Places Of Patagonia

There is almost no better or more beautiful region in the world than Patagonia. I had an opportunity to travel through this breath-taking area for a second time and jumped at the chance. There are many reasons to visit Patagonia and any one of them is reason enough but combine them all and this land becomes a must-see for anyone looking for a new perspective on life.


Patagonia changes your heart and mind.

Patagonia is an area in the southern portion of South America. It is roughly 260,000 square miles of diverse, beautiful land and water. From the jagged mountains to the wide-open lakes, the sights are awe-inspiring.

I was given the chance to see how the people of Patagonia interact with the land through sheep farming. The huge barns and bleating sheep were beautiful sights to see, and their accompanying aromatic smells brought tears to my eyes. But joking aside, I was so impressed with how sheep farming contributes to the uniqueness of this region.

The people of Patagonia love and treasure their Latin culture. They are proud to live in Patagonia and understand the responsibility they have as stewards of the land. I found these people to be very open, loving, and candid. They love inviting others in and sharing their land and experiences with others.


The people of Patagonia encourage visitors to share their love of the land.

Both of my journeys through the beautiful land and culture of Patagonia changed my perspective of this world.


If you have a chance to visit this unique place, don’t hesitate. Patagonia will change you too.


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